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#1 Imphal Travel Agency Manipur - Tripeasygo

Fascinating Loktak One Day Tour.

Are you in Imphal just for a day and wish to make the full use of your stay in the city? To cover any city,
and that too in a single day is a tough task. However, the following itineraries will be quite helpful to you.
Itinerary 1 (Imphal on a hired cab)
In order to travel around the city of Imphal one can hire tourist cabs which are easily available in the city.
One can start sightseeing in Imphal early in the morning. You can visit at ×rst the famous Shree Shree
Govindajee Temple. The temple is the most attractive place for the tourist. After visiting the temple you
can visit the Shaheed Minar, located in the heart of the city of Imphal. The Manipur State Museum
located near the polo grounds is a must visit place for the tourist. Other important tourist places in
Imphal include Kangla, War Cemetery, Loukoi Pat.
After visiting all the tourist spots, it will be time to have your lunch. Imphal has number of good
restaurants that offers quality food. After having your lunch you can visit the famous Khonghampat
Orchidarium. The Orchidarium houses over 110 rare varieties of orchids. You can also visit the Sadu
Chiru Waterfall, located about 20 Kms from Imphal

By evening before going back to your hotel make it a point to visit the famous Khwairamband Bazar or
the Ima Market in Imphal. The Khwairamband Bazar is one of the most famous and largest all women’s
market in the country. There are also other markets in Imphal
which include Paona Bazaar, Nagampal Market,Tera Bazaar, GM Hall. The
markets in Imphal are well known for their handloom and handicraft products.
Itinerary 2 (Visit to Loktak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park)
After having your breakfast you can pay a visit to the Loktak lake, located 48kms from Imphal. A tourist
bungalow is built by the Government of Manipur for the comfort of the tourists. The tourist can also get
a beautiful view of the lake from the nearby Sendra island. After visiting the Loktak lake one must make it
a point to visit the Keibul Lamjao National Park located
on the border with Loktak Lake.
The park is famous for the endangered brow-antlered deer called "Sangai" or the dancing deer.
Keibul Lamjao National Park is also famous for being the only Øoating national park in the world.
By the time you return from the national park it will be the time to go back to your hotel room. But
before going back to your hotel rooms do not forget to stroll down the shopping areas of Imphal

#1 Imphal Travel Agency Manipur - Tripeasygo

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